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South Fitchburg Hunting and Fishing Club Inc

PO Box 687 Townsend, Ma 01469

Club phone (978) 597-8733


Secretaries email: or


Board meetings: June 1 - July 6 Aug 3 and Sept 7@ 6:30 PM

Membership meetings: June 3 - July 8 – Aug 5 and Sept 9 @ 3:00 PM

Secretaries Home phone number (978) 345-7395

The April membership meeting was cancelled because of a snow storm. (Great call on board’s part we got a lot of snow)

The May 6, 2017 Membership meeting was called to order by the President, Michael Turgeon at 3:06 pm. There were 18 members present.

New Members:

The club welcomed 2 new members into membership the month of May, Carlos Pagan, Jr. (Worcester)

And Daniel LeBlanc (NH)


Past Functions:

Weather did not cooperate with us for the Valentines’ Day raffle and yet another round of snow caused us to have to cancel that event.

We did hold our annual Easter raffle on April 9th and had so many in attendance that some enjoyed the beautiful day out and sat outside on the picnic table. Lots of new faces, and new winners. We also

Drew the weeks stay at Hampton Beach and the winner of that was Tim Porter. (Tim is a member of the club and also helped sell plenty of tickets). 2nd prize went to Steph L (Vern sold that ticket) and 3rd place went to Doris Cormier. (That ticket was sold by Paul Cormier, not sure if they are related?)

The club then held our first open water derby of the year on April 23rd. We had 44 attend. Some nice trout were caught that day and the winners were as follows.

1st-Noah Krammas with a 17 7/8” trout. 2nd- went to Dave Anderson with a 15 ¾” trout and Dave also took 3rd place with a 15 5/8” trout.

On May 7th we held a kids only derby (this is the one that we had to cancel last year because we had no rain. We sure can’t say that for this year!

It was a cool day but perfect weather for fishing. We had 23 show up and they had a blast!  Trophies were award to the following age groups (4-6) Andrew Muddaire took all 3 places with the following trout. 14 ½ - 14 1/8 – 14 1/8 (Difference in the girth size)

In the (7-9) age group Marcella Silva caught a 15 7/8” trout. 2nd went to Ben Ross with a 14 ½” trout and 3rd went to Ben Overton with a 14 ¼” trout.

In the (10-14) age group taking 1st was Max Beaulac with an 18 ¾” trout. John Grafton (no not that one, his grandson), with a 15 ¾” trout. 3rd place went to Alex Andreejewski with a 15 ¾” trout.

The board agreed to set aside $100.00 ($50.00 for biggest and $50.00 for smallest) as prize money

And taking the biggest trout was Max Beaulac with his 18 ¾” trout in the (10-14 age group) and taking the smallest trout went to Alex Andreejewski (also in the 10-14 age group) with a 10 3/8” trout.

Upcoming Functions:

Scheduled for Sunday June 4th from 7:00 – 1:00pm the club will be holding a public fishing derby. The fee to fish is $12.00 for adults and $6.00 for kids 14 and under. Breakfast and lunch will be available. Make sure you bring your own bait. There will be 3 cash prizes. Remember if we can get 60 to register then we will DOUBLE all prize money!

Our next event will be a meat and seafood raffle that will take place on June 25th. The raffle will run from 1:00 -4:00pm. We will be offering all kinds of BBQ meats, roasts and seafood! Why not stop by and try your luck?

July 23rd we will be holding a 3-D Archery shoot. We could always use help in setting up the course which will be done beginning at 8am on the 22nd. Lunch will be provided to those who help. Members are reminded that the range as well as the pond will be closed both days.

We also have another shoot on August 13th.  Same rules apply.

August 27th the club will hold our last meat and seafood raffle of the year. It will begin at 1:00 and ends at 4:00pm.

Good and Welfare:

Not present to win the attendance drawing for the month of May was Richard Parent. David Kurfis won the consolation prize. The 50/50 raffle was won by Bob Dion, Jr. It was worth $48.00.

Because of not having a meeting in April the board decided to draw the big winners at the May meeting. Here is a list of the winners.


#54-Carlos Pagan (CP)  #27-Rob Dion (AL)  #57-Linda Vitone (AL)  #43-Betty

Wheet (BS) #5-Bill Farnam

(2)-$50.00 winners

#3-Jake Farnam (BF)  #55-Miguel Martinez (VL)

(2)-$75.00 winners

#80-Bill Gerow (BG)  #52-Don Dion (AL)


#47 Gillies Pellerie (AL)

The big winner of the day went to Brenda Saucier!

We also drew the next 5/$20.00 for the month winners for that were

#27-Rob Dion (AL)  #86-Bob Dion (AL)  #25-Vern Leger (VL)  #85-Jeissel Leger (AL)

#86-Bob Dion (VL)

(Please except my apologies for any names misspelled)


The May meeting adjourned at 3:55pm

Respectfully Submitted, Brenda Saucier, Secretary