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Club Phone: (978) 597-8733


Mailing Address: PO Box 687 Townsend, MA  01469


Club Address: 60 Warren Road Townsend, MA  01469



The South Fitchburg Hunting and Fishing Club has been classified as a conservation restriction.

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A complete history of the South Fitchburg Hunting and Fishing Club Inc.

The South Fitchburg Hunting and Fishing Club was founded in the early 1950's, and became incorporated in 1952 by sports minded individuals living in South Fitchburg, hence the name.  Finding suitable and affordable land in the Fitchburg area was another story.  Its earliest activities were held at a small pond on Day Street in Leominster that belonged to one of the original founders.  The pond was stocked and derbies were held.  In time the land now owned in Townsend became available and was purchased in 2 parcels. Members constructed a 100' pavilion, (which is still standing today), and a BBQ Pit.  Turkey shoots were also held.  Witches Brook, which runs through our property to the Squannacook River, was bulldozed to create the pond we now use for our fishing derbies.  A concession stand was then built to supplement the fishing derbies.  For over 20 years the club functioned with a hand pumped well, no electricity, phone, or clubhouse.  Meetings were held at the South End National Club, located in South Fitchburg.  The club grounds were open during the months of May through November.  In the early 1970's the clubhouse was built, by it's members. Water, electricity, and phone, were then installed.  Today the club is very active with a full calendar of events, and is open year round.  In addition to some of the best-stocked trout in the area, we have also built a 100' rifle and pistol range.  We have also in the past few years become members of Bay State Archers and hold regular 3-D Shoots.  We are also members of G.O.A.L., Worcester County League of Sportsman's, NRA, Middlesex County.  We also run many social events that are family orientated.  Each year hundreds of families from the surrounding areas attend our functions and enjoy the beautiful, tranquil return to nature that our 68 acres of the land provide.  There is an abundance of wildlife like deer, coyotes, beaver, otter, game birds, waterfowl and a moose just a few years ago has been spotted on the property.  We are so proud of what our members past and present have accomplished in these 60 years and we look forward to many more.